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Dear Howard:

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you feedback on the positive effects our natural verification has already had on business. Though I obviously can’t share the third party names to which I’m referring, I can at least relay two current happenings. We began a dialogue with two companies around the same time late last year. Both companies expressed keen interest in the healthier-for-you nutritional profile of our cakes. They were also quite impressed with the quality and flavor of each item and felt we could work well together in expanding our brand, respectively. After a couple of months of stop-and- go negotiations, we informed them of our recent certification and the verification process through which we had gone. This seemed to have an impact for which we were unprepared. Indeed, it could almost be said that this new aspect to our cakes made a bigger impression on them than the low-glycemic nature of our cakes; the reason they first took an interest in us! One of these companies, already firmly rooted in natural foods, was so impressed with the effort we put forth in earning third-party certification that they promoted this fact to franchisees across the country; for sure, a very nice way to have our products introduced nationwide!

As we all know, most companies remain conservative, rarely wanting to be the first to try something untested, new or unfamiliar. For Benchmark, sailing into uncharted waters is our raison d’etre. In this context, we have always understood the importance that natural verification would eventually have and now has had, and will continue to have. We are delighted that we are the first naturally certified snack cake on the market and can claim that fact with pride!

I don’t doubt that the above accounts are only the beginning and that the more exposure our verification gets, the better it will be for everyone: consumers, manufacturers, retailers, food service and of course, us.

Thank you again for leading the way!

David A. Musso
Benchmark Foods, LLC
To Whom It May Concern:

Due to the amount of misrepresentation in the market place relating to natural Products, we recently contacted Natural Verifiers to audit our products and related manufacturing processes and procedures. Our company was successful in passing Natural Verification which has had a very positive impact in the market when compared to other products that claim they are natural but in fact are not.

We found their audit process of verification to be absolutely thorough and confidential and were very happy with the service they provided.

The products naturally verified are listed below:

Citrofresh Food Wash & Natural Preservative
CitroGro Nutrient Synergist
CitroGro Liquid Nutrient
CitroShield Multi-Purpose Cleaner
CitroShield Disinfectant
CitroShield Disinfectant
CitroShield Disinfectant
CitroShield Hospital Grade Disinfectant
CitroShield Hand Sanitiser
CitroShield Hand & Body Cleaner
CitroCare Antibacterial Hand Wipes

I have no hesitation in recommending Natural Verifiers as an organization of integrity and hope that more companies use their services. We need the type of certification that they provide to reduce the amount of false claims made in the market.

I can be contacted at the above phone number if further recommendation is required.

Yours sincerely,
Ravi Narain
GDM Technologies Pty Ltd
Dear Consumer,

Studies have shown in the past 2 years that organic and natural products are what clients in my line of work are seeing. They are educated and informed of what chemicals are harmful to their beauty and that is where I started my search. I needed a sign or a symbol that was universal for product placement and would indicate a pure product was what they were buying.

I found Natural Verifiers and the services that they offered was the perfect solution for my needs. I was able to have a third party come in and verify that the processes and ingredients were all natural. Along with the verification process I was also given a creative symbol that tells my customers my products have been through the Natural Verification process.

This process has increased my sales by 28% percent in 2010 and boosted the confidence of the consumers who are buying my line of beauty products. I look forward to this year, and the new products that we are bringing online thanks to the Natural Verifiers Company. I believe to date that this has been the smartest business decision I have made for my company.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about how this company has assisted me in growing my business and customer satisfaction.

Best wishes,
Christine Cunningham
Organically You
To Whom It May Concern:

As the Operations Manger of Country House Inc., I work closely with many professional services and suppliers. I consider Howard Sharfman and his company Natural Verifier to be one of the most qualified and creditable organizations out there in the market. After one year, I have come to know him well and would like to recommend him as a reliable and valuable source in the Organic and Natural Industries.

Howard is a dedicated member of Natural Verifiers and has contributed countless hours of his time to help us establish our verification. He has not only worked with us in our certification, he has also offered valuable recommendations which helped us implement plans and programs that streamline our production department.

Within a few months after certification, our company has seen increases in sale figures along with valuable customer responses. During our demo sessions, we would regularly received unsolicited praise from customers who noticed the new label verification and automatically deemed our products to be a healthier choice. As a result from these and other invaluable encounters, I have great confidence in the service that Natural Verifiers had provided.

In my opinion, Howard's unwavering devotion to his company exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent source for Organic and Natural verification.

Tony Ching
Operations Manager
Country House, Inc.