Categories We Certify


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) of any kind, from frozen foods and pastries to dairy products and salad dressings. Don’t assume that an ingredient is 100% natural just because it seems to be.


Any type of product used for personal hygiene and beautifucation including lotions, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, exfoliants, tonics and creams as well as candles and oils for use in aromatherapy.

Cleaning Products

Environmentally friendly products for both household and commercial applications such as detergents, solvents, polishes, waxes, spot removers and antiseptics that offer chemical-free alternatives.

Why it Matters

With over 40 years of experience as a food and product certification provider, our founder, Howard Sharfman, personally oversees each and every certification of your company’s conversion to a naturally certified organization. Let Natural Verifiers guide your business through the process. Our cost effective certification assures consumers that your products are indeed manufactured safely and cleanly from natural ingredients. The Natural Verifiers seal of approval guarantees that your product meets the guidelines that today’s consumer demands. In today’s competitive natural food and products markets, it’s more important than ever. Why?

Today’s consumer is more educated about products than ever before. In fact, a recent study published by Food Product Design illustrated that shoppers are reading ingredient labels on the foods they purchase and 25% of shoppers are opting for products made from natural components. Among a group of 1,000 consumers, 25% of participants stated that they preferred foods labeled “all natural” or “100% natural.” With public urging, the Food and Drug Administration has finally set forth a list of requirements for products making “natural” claims. However, many manufacturers ignore them. Doing so can obviously cause legal and financial consequences as well as unwanted publicity. Natural Verifiers was begun to shield legitimate manufacturers, mitigate false or mislead legal claims by consumers and reassure the public as to the integrity of products being sold with our seal.