Natural Verifiers is Truly Unique

We Are The Only independent, Third Party Verification Agency to Present a Credible Option in the Organic and Natural Industries.

The minimum standards, auditing procedures and inspections we administer are equally rigorous, if not more rigorous than those employed by most kosher certification or organic certification agencies. Our exacting program not only instills greater confidence on the part of the consumer, but affords greater appeal to business customers since natural verification offers them a level of assurance and validity that your competitors may not provide.

• All of us should be able to sustain ourselves with natural, healthy foods manufactured and supplied at the lowest possible risk.

• Improve your company’s reputation by holding yourself accountable to third party verification, not because it’s mandated but because your reputation is enhanced by it.

• Consumers should be made aware of agricultural and manufacturing processes and how they affect their food. Customers are loyal when confidence is built on trust.

• We’re doing this for the benefit of future generations, one product at a time.